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About morris dancing

What is morris dancing

The definitions of morris are many and varied as is the history. It is English. It is not folk except in the broadest sense. It is a dance form often married with local ceremonies which may explain to some extent its longevity. But for all the variations on a theme there is no mistaking a morris team when one sees one. Whether it is Cotswold morris with the usual bells, hankies and sticks, North West morris with clogs, garlands and “twiddlers”, Rapper and Longsword or Border morris it is all unmistakably morris and unmistakably English.

It is energetic, it is vibrant, it is public and it is fun.

It is an excuse to dance and enjoy music and song with friends, even those friends you have just met, usually over a pint.

It is a way of meeting those of the opposite sex and / or gender.

It is a way of meeting people of the same sex and / or gender.

It is a way of life. It is a pastime you fit into a busy schedule.

If you seek a serious discourse on morris and its history please follow one of the links from this site and it will undoubtedly lead to some interesting reading.

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