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Border morris

Our Border repertoire consists of our own dances combined with some more recognisable dances such as Brimfield, Upton on Severn, Dilwyn and Fanny Frail.

In a Border performance we usually perform a suite of dances with each dance flowing into the next. The set usually commences with the Three Man Doddle, followed by Brimfield, then the Four Man Doddle and St George’s Cross.

The Doddle is a unique dance form which gradually took form over a number of months. Doddle refers to any dance or dance form, comprising of a series of intricate and co-ordinated movements that can be performed by any person without any practice or description of the dance.

The term was first applied to our dances by Andrew, an illustrious and much loved member of the team, who, after missing every practice in which the above dances were created and practised, assured the Foreman that these dances were a doddle immediately before colliding with almost every man in the set during the performance.

Andrew felt it was just the enthusiasm and exuberance of the first Border outing of the year although most of the team felt it had more to do with the amount of intoxicating beverage consumed immediately before the performance.

In honour of Andrew that we have the Doddle.

Other Border dances we have in our repertoire from time to time are proper version of Upton on Severn, the Dance with No Name ( inventive aren’t we – its just that the inventiveness runs out with the dance and we don’t have any brain cells left for the names – or is it that the beer runs out and we don’t have any brain cells left for the names – I think its one of those), and Dilwyn. We also throw in a Lichfield dance as well.

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