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Joining the side

If you’d like to try morris dancing, or would like to know more – please fill in the contact form and one of the guys will get back to you as soon as possible.  Frequently asked questions about joining the team can be found below the form.

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    Who can join the Adelaide Morris Men?

    As the name suggests the Adelaide Morris Men is a mens’ morris dancing team.  In much the same way that a mens’ football team is a bunch of men who play football.

    We are always looking for new members of all ages.  Currently the age range of the side is from 25 to 50-ish.

    Practice is held from 8:00 – 10:00pm each Thursday night at the Ausdance SA Community Dance Space on Level 3 of the Station Arcade in the centre of Adelaide.

    Practices are always organised to allow new members the chance to learn the basic steps and dance within the set as soon as possible. We also have the policy that as soon as a person can dance one dance they are welcome and encouraged to do so in performance. Because we dance “traditions” (that is dances from one village of area of England that have an underlying similarity) more than individual dances once a new member has learnt one dance he usually finds that another 5 -10 follow very quickly.

    We also have a continual focus on raising the skill level of all the dancers in the team and gradually introducing new traditions.

    What is the cost of joining morris?

    Joining fee: There is no joining fee.

    Practice fee: Each practice costs a member nothing. However you will have to listen to Ian Goldfinch’s bad jokes.

    Dancing: Your body and soul – but do you really have a meaningful, alternative use for them at present?

    How long will it take me to be any good at it?

    That’s a tough question – some people pick it up quickly, others spend years bashing away at it and still feel rubbish.  As long as you’re prepared to come to practice regularly and have an honest go at learning the dances then you’ll be a welcome addition to the team.  The Foremen will provide you with tips on improving to performance standard, but as we also dance for fun you’ll be guaranteed plenty of chances to get involved & enjoy the dancing.

    So you’ve seen and read enough?

    • Do you fancy hours of arduous practice while being yelled at by an abrasive but reasonably tolerant foreman?
    • Can you suffer weekends of drinking and dancing till your body can no longer stay upright?
    • And you’re still keen to join the madness of the morris?

    Well then, drop us a note using the webform above.

    …and of course there’s the pub for a refresher afterwards.

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