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Our side

The appointed boss of the team is known as the Squire.  When we’re ignoring instructions it’s important to understand who they’ve come from.

The Bagman is the poor sod whose job it is to make sure the team know where they’re supposed to be and when they’re supposed to be there.  This is clearly impossible.

The Foreman is in charge of teaching dancing and maintaining standards.  There is a direct correlation between hair remaining and time spent as Foreman.

Squire: Paul Howard

Bagman: Dave Smith
Baguette: Bill Singleton

Foreman: Mike James

Vaguely Active Dancers: The above office bearers plus Greg Bull, James Bull, Geoff Wark, Kevin Burrett, Steve Custance, Paul Dare, Roger Foster, Ian Goldfinch, Oliver Ponsonby, Duncan Ritchie and Matt Lowry.

Additionally we have:

Musicians: Tim Neild, Ian Mundy, Bernard Doube and Mark Parnell are non-dancing musicians (and a few dancers tickle the buttons on a regular basis as well.)

Dancers-at-Large: Jason Standing (also Web Guru; now living in Bristol, UK, Jason remains a surprisingly active member) and Bob Pilgrim (now residing at the other end of a 6 hour drive which he makes on a regular basis.)

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