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From May day to Grey day

A ripping yarn in which our favourite heroes embark on a rollicking tour of dancing and merry-making across two states to meet up with our chums in Victoria.

[12 Mar 2014 | One Comment | 373 views]
All Brit-ish Day

We recently made our 4th appearance entertaining the crowds at the All British Day South Australia annual car display.

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A Samoyed Smiles At A Green Man

With the usual unspoken Morris start of the ‘arrive anywhere within an hour, commencing when we have a side’ philosophy, a beautiful sunny Saturday called the 27th of October 2013 found us sampling the wares and facility of the relatively new Three Smiling Samoyeds Brewery at Myponga.

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Fffleurieu fffolk fffestival

The 26th day of Ocober 2013 saw the AMM’s fifth attendance at the Fleurieu Folk Festival (FFF) at Willunga.

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We Don Our Christmas Spectacles

Christmas has come and gone and, notwithstanding warnings of obese poultry, it was the time of year for various street parades.