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Congratulations Hot For Joe 20th Anniversary

The AMM were invited by Hot For Joe to join Hedgemonkey and other Morris participants on the 18th of August 2013 at the Rob Roy Hotel to celebrate twenty years of Hot For Joe’s contribution to the Morris sphere.

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Fun in the sun

Our day at the beach got off to a slightly rocky start when half the team met at the physical jetty structure, and the other half met in the Jetty Hotel. Pro tip – When organising a footup at the beach, it helps to choose a better meeting place than just “The Jetty”.

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We Dance A Morristhon

Fitness? We’ve heard of that.

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Dancing With Pirates

There is only one thing more enjoyable than Morris dancing and that’s Morris dancing with Pirates.

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Mount Barker Tour

On Saturday, July 27, the grey and gloomy skies of Mount Barker were suddenly enlivened by the sounds and vigour of the Adelaide Morris Men, the Lancashire Witches and Hedgemonkey Morris. The inaugural Mount Barker Tour had begun.